Google Search Tips & Tricks that’ll Change the Way You Search

When it comes to comparison, Google is no less than a little fussy kid who only does what he wants to. There are times when even after putting the related keyword, you don’t get the desired results. And the results, what to say about them! They range from hilarious to What Exactly Are You Thinking Google range. We all have faced this issue quite a lot and the situation worsens when this happens at the workplace.
For a moment, let’s stop blaming Google and rather focus on our keywords and the way we try to search things on Google. If you are getting unwanted results, then this type go for “Smart Search”. Not known to many, there are various Google search tips and tricks that can give you the exact results while you are searching for any specific niche or topic.

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Content Strategies of Best SEO Companies

Just like yearly horoscopes, when a year is near its ends, experts get ready with the past data to predict the future trends.

And digital marketing is not an exception!

With the commencement of 2017, trends for the whole year were out and experts of the best search engine optimization companies were ready with new strategies.

But this year, the whole focus is on content marketing. It would be so cliché to say that Content is King; nevertheless, who can deny that?

Then what about SEO?

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SEO for Architects: 10 SEO Tips for Architecture Websites


It comes as no surprise when the majority of homeowners who are looking to build a new home use the Internet to find an architect to work with. To make those homeowners hire you, you have to be visible to them.
SEO for architects is meant to make any architecture website visible to those who are searching for architectural services on the Internet. How good are your architectural services, after all, if people are not able to find you?
Being ‘invisible’ to your customers and clients means that you’ve got a problem that only SEO for architects can solve.
Classically, SEO for architects is all about getting your portfolio across that couple who wants to move to a custom designed home.

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