5 Essentials Elements of Content Marketing

After presenting the various possibilities of content marketing before, we would now like to offer five tips for the right use of content marketing.

     1. Content Freshness

Fresh and up to date content, not just for the interest of your readers and customers, but also for search engines,    especially for the market leader Google. Because Google loves fresh content.

     2. The Right Keywords
It is essential to find the right words. You will only be found through keywords, so a previous analysis is indispensable.

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10 Proven Tips to Optimize Your Conversion Rates

The bigger the budget for advertising is, the larger the revenue should be.

Many shop operators, however, make the mistake of relying on it alone.

The pure switching of elaborate online campaigns brings new users to your site, the conversion to buyers or consumers, however, too often.

I  have listed 10 typical problems here, which often turn out to be real “conversion killers”.

1. The Landing Page

The rule should be applied sticky! Landing page and the advertising medium must be the same, otherwise,

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What is Pay Per Click Marketing?

PPC Marketing

The term pay-per-click abbreviated PPC, originally came from the English language usage, however worldwide it has been widely accepted and means “pay per click”.

The Pay-per-Click payment method is used mainly in online marketing. Here, you will be charged per click on an advertisement such as a banner or a text ad. The advertising company, therefore, does not pay for the advertisement (ad impression) of the switched advertising itself, but only when actually a click is done. To get most out of any PPC campaign you need have the fair knowledge of Google AdWord and Keyword Planner. If you are not familiar with these terms then get Pay Per Click Services from professional PPC Agency. There are different types of pay-per-click advertising. They can be placed on search results in search engines such as Google and Yahoo (search engine marketing).

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Why Only the First Anchor Text Counts?

Anchor Text

The placement of links is a very crucial part of the SEO strategy – both for internal linking as well as external link building. Search engine evaluates websites and its link in search engine marketing and places them further in the results in relation to certain keywords in the results. The more relevant and stronger the website is the higher the impact on the ranking. In this context, of course, the optimization of the anchor text also plays a role. Even though SEO professionals do not always agree on how Google’s anchor indexes are evaluated

Each hyperlink pointing to a particular web page is provided with an anchor text. For example, if you refer to

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