Web Development Checklist 2018

Web development

So, you’ve tried everything and yet you’re not able to get traffic to your website!

You have developed your website with the most beautiful design and still stuck with the question, “Why isn’t anyone coming to my website?”

And now, you envy the top web developers around the world and wish if you could get there success mantra somehow!

Well! The secret is unveiled:

Web development is an ‘art with functionality’. While designing a website with good looks can instill the interest of your audience, only a fully functional and well-developed site can actually bring them to your site and hold them for long.

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Preparing For Google’s Mobile First Index [INFOGRAPHIC]

Mobile first indexing

And the Google’s biggest change in the online search industry is almost here…

It’s the much awaited Google Mobile First Index Algorithm.

While Google has not yet launched the update officially, it’s impact are clealy visible.

So, if you still do not have a mobile-version of your websites, it’s time for you to tie your shoelaces to avoid a great fall!

Let us get into the depth of what actually this impending Google update about.

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Honouring the Quintessential Women Professionals of SEO Discovery


My Beautiful Fellow Mates,

Seeing you in action and taking control of your life feels joyous and empowering. You need to have the immense courage to step out and thrive in a world where being a ‘female’ is considered a “minority”.

You’ve been proving your worth over and over again in professional as well as personal life. It feels proud to see you grow, each day, each moment!

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93 Ways To Promote Your Business & Website



Just launching a website doesn’t mean that you’ll have people flocking to it. No one will even know that your site exists if you don’t take out the time and effort to promote your website.

Promoting your website to reach your intended audience isn’t restricted to just one channel. Using all the channels effectively and to the strengths of your business is the key to gaining maximum traction with your users.

Also, it isn’t that difficult to get traffic to a website. You just have to be patient, choose the right channels and execute well.

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