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Getting the campaign management strategy right is the key to making your PPC advertising successful. Being the best PPC Marketing Company in India, SEO Discovery uses a data-driven approach to managing your PPC campaigns which are optimized to target the right people at the right time.

Here is a glimpse of PPC Campaign Management Strategy

Keyword discovery and selection

We choose relevant and high-performing keywords that help generate more traffic to your business/brand.

Optimize landing pages

Landing page optimization helps you rank higher and with our PPC management services, you save significant time and money as well as generate more leads through your PPC landing pages.

Bid management

We strategically raise and lower your keyword bids to get the most out of your PPC ads budget and connect your visitors.

PPC monitoring and reporting

PPC monitoring and reporting enables you to know where you are on the road to success. We monitor your PPC campaigns and make a report to determining revenue production efficiency and ROI.

Conversion tracking

Conversions are a powerful metric to determine the success of a digital advertising program. At SEO Discovery, we track conversions to maximize success.

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Why Choose SEO Discovery

As a top ppc management agency in India, at SEO Discovery we work with you to help your business grow and achieve high ROI. We want your business to thrive and thus offer a few guarantees other companies can’t.

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Stress-free PPC Services

You can relax that we are looking at your account every day, making sure it is running and working to its full potential.

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No Long term Contracts

We do not tie you in contracts, so you can opt-out if you think our PPC campaign is not working for you

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Optimize marketing cost

All your PPC ads are tracked, measured, and analyzed for improvements, thus lowering costs and increasing results.

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Monthly Reporting

Each month you get a detailed report on your account showing whether you are getting more sales, leads, what people are searching for, how much you are spending, and more.

What's Included In Our Professional PPC Management Services

PPC Advertising is the best way to instantly expand your reach, find new customers, generate more web traffic, leads, sales, and grow your business. When you choose our best PPC services you get:

Digital Competitor Analysis

Being a top ppc agency, we complete market analysis of your service areas and industry, and find your competitors who invest in paid marketing with higher ad positioning. We also analyze search terms, monthly search volumes, high-paying keywords and create cost-per-lead goals.

Customized Date-Driven Ads

We develop a PPC strategy by doing advanced keyword research and select high-paid ones that bring higher ROI. Also, writing a good ad copy is tricky, but at SEO Discovery, we carefully create ad copies with creatives for high-performing ads. We also conduct competitor research on ads and creatives.

PPC Ad Tracking and Analytics

PPC Ad tracking and analytics is an important aspect of search engine advertising to evaluate and improve the performance of PPC campaigns. At SEO Discovery, our PPC experts track average ad positions, click-through rate, track leads, calls, and sales, and attribute revenue to each paid campaign.

Manage PPC Campaign

We do not just create your PPC campaigns but manage them as well. Our ppc campaign management services manage and tweak bids for each campaign for higher return, monitor keywords search queries, click-through rate and cost per click, also optimize your campaigns for further improvements to bring more leads.

PPC Advertising Across Platforms

SEO Discovery is a leading social marketing agency that focuses on driving impactful business growth. We formulate paid social media marketing campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. We also create campaigns for Google Ads, Google Local Services, Microsoft advertising, and next door advertising.

PPC Audit

We help you accelerate ad conversions with a PPC audit. A PPC account audit can help you find and fix the issues causing your PPC campaigns to fall flat. Our experienced ppc strategists analyze your campaigns, ad groups, and provide actionable recommendations to improve the performance of your campaigns.

Why Your Business Needs Top Notch PPC Services

There are several reasons why your business needs PPC services. It is an effective strategy to increase traffic to your website, as well as is cost-effective, extremely targeted, and delivers fast results.

Here are a few more reasons why you should adopt PPC services

  • Cost-effective – PPC is a cost-effective way to advertise your business. This is because you need to pay only when someone clicks on your ad.
  • Immediate and measurable results – Every business owner wants to get immediate results. With PPC, this goal is easily achieved as results can be derived quickly.
  • Easy entrance – Any business can leverage PPC advertising. Whether you are a small business or a large business the same rules apply for setting up the campaign. However, large businesses spend a huge amount on PPC as compared to small businesses.
  • Real-time advertising – TV, radio, and print media advertising have restrictions when it comes to timing and locations. They are confined to a specific time, however, PPC advertising allows you to run ads and check their results in real-time.

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  • 5,27,466

    Leads Generated

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internet users reach Adverts placed on Google Display Network.

of marketers consider PPC as a boon for their business.

of marketers use PPC ads for lead generation.

of small businesses invest in PPC advertising.


How long will it take to see results in PPC?

PPC campaign is super beneficial for an immediate result. When you leap and start to spend in your PPC campaign to boost business growth, the profitable result doesn’t occur over time. A flourishing PPC campaign will take up to 3 to 9 months. Consider the first three months of your campaign as the testing period. These three months are to increase the visibility of your service and raise data from your ad for analysis. Your visibility starts to increases from day one, and your data is gathered over time. Intensive optimization and careful monitoring shall be your model on what is working and what is not. It can be a restless task to do when money keeps on running away from your pocket on every click and in return of very low ROI[return on investment] for your service. When you have decided to run your ad using the Pay Per Click method money becomes secondary. Then what is more important? Well, your sales depend on two things, relevancy and the quality of the ad. Both the factors additionally depends on “who is running your ad” either you are doing it all by yourself or it is a paid marketing agency in India/Abroad. Your ad campaign can be a failure in two cases. When you are spending money on pay per click campaign without any expertise or the company you select is not the best PPC company in this field.

Excellent growth in the field of digital marketing in recent years has to lead to large competition in PPC services in India as well. It can be a tough choice to select the best-paid marketing company. With 12 years of expertise in the fields of Internet marketing, SEO Discovery now receives the natural feedback of “TOP PPC Company/agency in India” from clients. In 12 years we have expanded from 3 employees to 300+ employees today. Pay per click campaign requires deep understanding from selecting and researching the right keyword for your product/service, to arranging the selected keywords into organized campaigns and ad groups, to setting up a comprehensive Pay Per Click landing pages that are optimized for retrieving leads and conversion.

Over the years our team of PPC experts has great expertise in running a successful campaign in multiple industries established in India, including financial services, IT, retail, automotive, B2B, tourism, engineering and education and a lot more. We shine by giving the most high-grade service to all the clients. With a wide range of expertise including AdWords specialist to keyword researcher, we are establishing to be on the top player in Pay Per Click agency in the Indian market. Seo Discovery has been awarded as the Rising Star by Upwork, for our quality services in overall Digital Marketing market. Best SEO Reseller by and Top Ranked for the Best SEO company by We have been further Ranked #2 worldwide by and many more await.

So, in the end, we suggest that you give at least 3 months to your PPC campaigns and analyze the change in the visibility of your services or products. Once that is done, enjoy the leads that you’ve generated from the successful campaign. But we encourage you to dedicate and invest in more time to see well-structured and experienced Pay per click Agency in India to analyze your data, that will grow your business.

How will you make sure my ad appears on the top?

PPC is also called (Pay Per Click). It is an internet advertising model used to drive more traffic to your website, one who is having a website run an ad camping on Google ads directly on their own or with help paid marketing agencies. Pay per click brings traffic to your website as soon as a customer or clients click on your website link after that a certain amount of money gets deducted. There are many PPC platforms you can be used & the most common ones are Google ads & Bing ads.

But a question arises on how your ad will appear on top as there are more than 193.2 billion people who are running Google ad s. So it is not as easy as running a classified ad. For this, you need to hire the best PPC service in India. Our Google ad’s words experts ensure that your ad meets the relevant Ad Rank thresholds. The thresholds required to appear above search results are generally bigger than the thresholds required appearing below search results, which is why ads above search results typically have higher CPCs than ads below search results. Our experts also ensure the following things to make your ads appear on the top.

1. Improve Your Ad Rank:-our experts will ensure that your ads must contain relevant information about your business. This will result in a rapid increase in click-through rate (CTR).

2. Focus on relevancy: Our experts will make sure your ads and landing pages are relevant to what customers/clients are looking for. If your ads are irrelevant, they might show, but they won’t get as many clicks and may have a high CPC. This leads to bad performance over time.

3. Make your bid competitive: Our experts will try to keep your bid high enough so that you can compete with other competitors who are also bidding on the same keywords you are. Our experts look through the top of page bid estimates to help you figure out how much you probably need to bid to compete for a top spot on the page.

4. Monitor your campaign results: Making minute but regular improvements now could have a big impact later on. “Don’t worry we will give you great ROI on your PPC investment”.

After the Digital revolution, the demand for a paid marketing agency in India has increased rapidly. It is quite difficult & tricky to find the best pay per click agency in India. With 12 years of experience in the digital marketing industry, SEO discovery now receives the feedback of “TOP PPC agency in India” from our national /international clients. Our team is having an in-depth knowledge of PPC & our PPC expert specializes in running a successful campaign in various industries in India, including financial, IT, retail, automotive, B2B, tourism, engineering, and education services. With a wide range of experience as an AdWords specialist to keywords researcher, we are emerging as the best PPC Company in India. We are not only revered to google ads only we are having a Facebook Marketing Specialists as well. So in the end, I will suggest you take 3 Months of PPC package & see how it boosts up sales digitally. Increase your website & landing page visibility up to 10 times & enjoy great sales conversion ratio.

Which channel should I invest in?

Conventional traditional means such as newspaper ads and mail flyers may have proven successful in the past, but today PPC services have taken over. Your business would not have a strong chance at succeeding if it does not have a strong, expansive online presence. If you want your online presence to be strong and robust, here is a list of some channels where you should invest your hard-earned money in.

Google- Google Ads is the most popular network because of the huge volume of searches done on it. It is the best platform to invest your money because Google display ads appear on over two million websites and over 650,000 apps. This means you can show your ads wherever your audience is. More than 3.5 billion searches happen every day on Google. Therefore, you can reach to audiences easily that are searching for products or services like yours with the help of a top PPC agency in India.

Facebook- Facebook is the leading social media platform on the planet attracting over 2 billion users every month. Facebook enables businesses to reach almost any type of customer by targeting customers according to their demographics, interests and behaviors. The common ad formats acceptable on Facebook are- photo, video, slideshow, canvas, carousel, etc. A Facebook marketing specialist can help you create engaging ads that can drive results.

LinkedIn- Linkedin contains a wealth of information for audiences and advertisers. More than 500 million professionals are on LinkedIn, who can be targeted with the help of LinkedIn advertising. The best PPC company in India can help you target audience at LinkedIn by following a professional criteria such as job title, company, seniority and many more. The acceptable ad formats at LinkedIn are- text/image.

YouTube- YouTube is the second most popular social media platform and is the second largest search engine. YouTube is an excellent channel to make your brand reach the hands of your audience. It has been rightly said that human brains process visual information 60,000 times faster than text. Advertising on Youtube lets you pack a lot of information into video than textual advertising. The different types of ad types supported on YouTube are- trueview ads, outstream ads and bumper ads. The audiences on YouTube can be targeted based on demographics, age, gender, topics, keywords and placements and the PPC experts in India can help you do that.

Twitter- Twitter is used by 330 million active users each month. Twitter ads are contained only on Twitter, with no network partners. Twitter advertising, along with a solid Twitter engagement strategy can help get new followers and yield the best results. The different ad formats acceptable on Twitter are- promoted accounts, promoted trends, and promoted tweets including (text, Images, GIFS and videos).

Pinterest- Pinterest has over 200 million active monthly users who are researching ideas, trends, and products. The placement of ads on Pinterest would be visible on and Pinterest app. The acceptable ad formats on Pinterest are- promoted pins, one-tap promoted pins, cinematic pins and promoted video pins.

Now when you have known the best platform where you should spend your hard-earned money, you can make a better decision. You can get in touch with a reliable paid marketing agency in India to bring the desired results for you.

Is Pay Per Click (PPC) right for my business?

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising works well for almost every industry or business sector, however, it depends on your business circumstances. If you offer products or services that people are likely to search for, then PPC will be right for your business.

Why would I pay for search engine advertising?

PPC advertising instantly drives traffic to your website. Organic search can take some time and is a long-term strategy. So, if you are looking to generate more website traffic and leads rapidly, then paying for search engine advertising through PPC is the best way to achieve this.

I've tried PPC before and it didn't work, should I try again?

Most of the time when PPC campaigns don’t work, the most likely problem could be how the campaign was set up. Either the keywords you were targeting were not right or your campaign did not have the correct structure. We analyze the data from your previous campaign and highlight why your old campaign didn't work, then we make suggestions on how we would set up your new campaign.

Can I pay on performance?

We don,t currently offer a 'pay on performance' option. This is because a lot of time and effort goes into setting up your campaign and optimizing it to get it up to its optimum performance level. We have a decade of experience in running online campaigns and, rarely, a campaign doesn't work so we are confident that you will get the level of return that you are looking for.

Why can't I see my PPC advert?

There are several reasons for this. It could be that your daily budget has run out and your campaign is not showing until the following day. The targeting settings of the campaign can also cause this, for instance, if you are searching for one of your keywords outside the targeted campaign locations, your advert won’t show.

How do you optimise paid search campaigns?

Paid search marketing is a scalable and inexpensive form of online marketing which is designed to connect to your customers who might be actively searching for what you provide. Paying for every click may sound you will end up paying a lot of money, but this is not the case in a well-designed campaign. When you run a well-defined campaign with the help of the PPC experts in India, your ad will be visible to customers who are searching precisely for the products and services you offer.

To help you get the most out of your PPC campaigns, here are several ways how you should optimise your search campaigns for better results.

Build a strong structure- The trick to achieving a stellar performance of your PPC campaign is to build a strong structure. While creating a strong structure know- how many keywords are there in each ad group, how many ads are there in each ad group and how relevant the keywords are to each other. Getting answers to all these questions would help you create campaigns that are focused around each product, location and themes. An adword specialist in India can help you build a solid structure because relevancy and thinking about user’s intent are powerful factors to be considered if you are passionate about improving results.

High-performance PPC keywords- Always choose high-performance keywords for your campaign in order to get the desired results. To know which keywords are performing well, check your goals and Key-performance indicators. You can run the keywords through a Google suggestion tool that predicts commonly related search phrases to your keywords. These tools can also show you keyword search volume to help determine the potential traffic for each keyword.

Expand your keyword list- Depending on the type of keywords you are targeting, there are two different ways of expanding your existing keywords list. If you have long tail keywords, you can add adjectives or modifiers to target ads in a better way as well as increase ROI. However, if you have short tail keywords, you can take out these modifiers to expand the keyword’s reach. A paid marketing agency in India can help you expand your keyword list according to your business goals.

Customer reviews- Products and services that have at least 30 unique reviews can be displayed as part of the ad. Customer reviews are a great way to establish trust and increase CTR. The ads will show reviews, star ratings, text snippets as well as verified links to the reviews.

Geo Targeting- You should always target your ads to specific locations unless you are trying to build brand awareness before a product launch. Geo-targeting can reduce your SEM campaign costs and improve ROI. Unless you have specific reasons, you should only serve ads in locations where you expect to find customers.

Those were several ways using which you can optimise your paid search campaigns. The best paid search campaigns are reviewed, analyzed and optimized to work best for your business and objectives. Work with the best PPC company in India to achieve the results you are looking for.

Does a paid campaign also help in SEO?

As Search Engine Optimisation is an organic method to increase the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns, it delivers long-lasting results and is more cost-effective as well. Though in the initial phase, SEO can take anywhere around three to six months to deliver visible results, and during this time you cannot sit back and wait for your SEO campaign to deliver results. So, instead of waiting, you must opt for alternate digital marketing techniques that deliver instant results. Yes, we are talking about using paid campaigns like PPC Advertising (Google AdWords, Facebook Ads etc.).

At SEO Discovery, we are a leading digital paid marketing agency in India and have helped numerous clients of ours with their PPC advertising campaigns. We are a prominent Facebook Marketing Specialist and AdWords Specialist in India and help you reach the maximum number of the target audience in a quick time and at an optimum price. Our experts have many years of industry experience in developing paid marketing strategies and have thus helped us become the top PPC agency in India.

If you are wondering regarding the effectiveness of PPC advertising in helping your SEO campaigns, then we would like to inform you that though PPC does not affect your SEO directly, it does have a huge indirect impact on your SEO. When used strategically, PPC combines well with your SEO and helps you maximize the impact of your digital marketing campaign in the following ways: -

1. Maximize your presence on SERP: - PPC results are always displayed at the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) in a prominent way. So, it is always the first result that a prospective customer would be exposed to. Then later, when the customer scrolls down on SERP, your name appears in the organic results as well. This double exposure leads the customer to believe that your business must be offering good services and products to feature several times in the SERP. This helps guide more traffic towards your website and engages users with your business.

2. Identify the keywords: - As SEO takes time to deliver results, you can never be sure if the keywords you have chosen are correct. But, PPC allows you to identify the keywords that users are using related to your business. This information can help you target the right keywords with your SEO and optimize your campaign accordingly.

3. Brand awareness: - PPC not only drives traffic to your website but informs the users regarding your product and services through the landing page. Though you might not make a sale immediately, gradually more and more users will learn about your brand and are more likely to engage with you in future.

4. Target local leads: - PPC campaigns are very effective in helping you generate local leads. When a prospective customer in your city looks for products and services that your business offers, your PPC results will appear on top, and they are highly likely to click on the link and be led to your website, where you can engage them.

In order to maximize the results from your PPC campaign, you need a PPC Expert in India by your side. At SEO Discovery, we have earned the tag of the best PPC company in India based on our expertise and excellent results. So, get in touch with us now and let our experts help you take your business to greater heights. Contact us now!

How do you track conversions?

Well, your PPC campaign is up and running; and it is driving more traffic to your website. But what are the visitors doing after visiting your website? What actions are they taking and what does it all mean for you? It is not easy to understand these concepts and requires the expertise of professionals. This is where SEO Discovery comes to the fore. We are the top PPC agency in India and not only help with execution of your digital marketing campaigns but also help you track conversions to maximise the benefits of such campaigns.

Being a leading PPC expert in India, we understand that the target of every PPC campaign is not just to drive more traffic to your website but rather drive better traffic. The only way for you to know if your PPC campaign is working is to track conversions. Earlier, conversions were associated only with the actual sales that you are getting but now the whole paradigm has shifted. Conversions now mean the how many visitors to your website are taking the desired action. It could now also mean subscribing to a newsletter, downloading an app or calling your customer care helpline. Moreover, with multiple conversion points present on your website, chatbots, widgets, pop-ups etc., it becomes important for you to track the conversions in order to understand from where the leads are coming. It will help you measure what the users are doing after landing on your website. Being a prominent PPC expert in India, we have all the tools and software required to track your conversions, gain useful insights from the conversion tracking, and then implement these insights to enhance the efficiency of your PPC campaigns. Here are the conversion goals which we track to improve your PPC campaign: -

1. URL Destination: - Tracking the URL destination helps us analyse if the visitor has taken a desired action such as filling a form or sharing the contact details. The data that we gather here offers you valuable insights in determining if the PPC campaign is driving the right target customers to your website.

2. Duration Goal: - Tracking the duration that a visitor is spending on a page or your website helps us understand the user behaviour and determine how he/she are interacting with your brand. The data that is generated here helps us understand if the visitors are finding your website engaging. The longer the stay, the more interested they are in your products or services.

3. Pages visited: - We also track the number of pages every visitor has browsed during a visit. This information helps us understand which pages the users like more and which not. Subsequently, we are able to suggest the necessary changes required to engage the visitors with your website in a more meaningful manner.

We are a leading Paid Marketing Agency in India and have numerous clients achieve their digital marketing goals. Being the top PPC agency in India we have a team of vastly experienced Facebook marketing specialist and AdWords specialist in India, who work round the clock to ensure immaculate execution of your digital marketing strategy. Your search for the best PPC company in India ends with us. Contact us now for more details. We would love to hear from you!

Why choose us?

Planning, developing, and executing a digital marketing plan requires a certain degree of expertise which you as a layman might not possess. Any half-hearted attempts at executing your digital marketing campaigns will not bear any results and will result in waste of your time and resources. This is where we come to your assistance. At SEO Discovery, we are the best PPC company in India and have helped numerous clients execute their digital marketing campaigns and achieve desired results in a quick time. Being the premier Facebook Marketing Specialist and AdWords specialist in India, we understand the level of planning that goes behind seamless execution of a PPC campaign and makes sure that you achieve your desired goals in a cost-effective manner.

If you are still wondering, why you should choose us as your Pay Per Click agency in India, then read on to know the reasons.

Rich vein of experience: - Our team of PPC experts in India have many years of experience in the industry. We have helped our clients from all over the world achieve their online goals with our digital marketing campaigns. Whatever may be your niche, or whichever maybe your target market, our team will help you take your message to your target customers in the most efficient manner.

Transparent working: - We are your partners in this journey and do not keep any secrets from you. Our transparent working process involves regular discussions and reporting pertaining to the present status of your campaign. Our team members work in close collaboration with you and ensure that your feedback is duly incorporated in the strategy.

In-depth reports: - To help you understand the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaign and gauge the performance periodically, we share a detailed monthly report with you. This report lists all the activities that have been undertaken during the specified time period and the results that have been achieved with them. This allows you to keep a close tab on the performance of the PPC campaign and make the changes as and when required.

Cost-effectiveness: - PPC is not as simple and straightforward as it may seem to be. There are a lot of factors that need to be taken care of, and it is simply not possible for you to manage it in-house. This is where our professional approach helps you out. We take the pain out of your PPC campaign planning and execution and make it a pocket-friendly option for you. Being the leading providers of PPC services in India, we have the necessary personnel, infrastructure, and software in place, and can accomplish the same tasks for you at a fraction of the in-house cost.

Being the top PPC company in India, we handle your PPC campaigns with deft-professionalism and allow you to focus only on the core target of your business, i.e. to make more profits. Our team works round the clock to ensure that you achieve your digital marketing goals in a time-bound and efficient manner. Get in touch with us now and let us partner you on your journey. Contact us now!

Am I tied into a contract?

No, SEO Discovery does not have a minimum contract length. Once the campaign has started and you feel that it isn't working, then you can cancel at any time.

Where does paid advertisement appear in the search engines?

Paid or PPC advertisements appear in the top four search engine positions and have a small 'Ad' label on them so users know they are paid.

Why aren't my adverts in the top position?

The most likely reason for this could be that your competitor has set a higher keyword bid and is willing to pay more per click than your keyword bids allow. If you want to show in the top position, you need to increase the bids on keywords.

Should I always bid for the first position?

This is not necessary always. You can get more value on two or three positions as the click- through rate is slightly lower than in the first position, however, the cost potentially is a lot lower. These positions can offer a similar level of traffic as the first position for a lower cost- per-click.

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